I discover Artforus in2003

Frédérique Orus has the ability to paint and express life’s journey for all of us as

human being, at different stage and phases in our lives in the deepest and most

meaningful way.

Her Work is literally breathtaking when the beholder sees in the use of colour and

texture and composition, a part of life’s struggle, tension, hope, beauty and fear.

It depicts the very essence of our existence and is timeless.

Some of life’s experiences and aspirations just cannot be spoken or read, and

Frédérique’s “art for us” is something that we can all immediately recognize

 for ourselves in life, without the need for words.

Her work inspires a voyage of imagination to endless uplifting places,

and a new vision and expression of our personal inner and outer worlds.

Like music, her work transcends language, race, colour, creed and religion.

Take the time to be uplifted and encouraged; and allow the validation of your

Humanity to be experienced, by really looking,

seeing and feeling her paintings in your very own way.

Her art is a gift to you and our world.


Diana M. Wakefield

Montalba le Château

S. France